K-26 실전잠수풀
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Guide on Diving Pool
You can find the K-26 diving pool full of new adventures if you think deeply and widely.
+ Guide on Diving Pool
  • * Operating hours: Weekdays (Monday ~ Friday) 08:00 ~ 22:00 / Saturday and holidays 08:00 ~ 22:00 / closed on Sunday
  • * Free diving and skin scuba can be enjoyed for 3 hours. Please enter, exit and rise from water using the designated lane.
  • * Visitors can use the registered program once a day. If reentering after exit, they need to purchase a one-time admission ticket.
  • * Schedules are subject to change according to the operation policy.
+ Safety Rules for Diving Pool
  • * Access of the pool is prohibited to persons with heart weakness, pneumonia, tuberculosis, drunken condition, eye disease, legal infectious disease and skin disease.
  • * Licensed divers can enter as a group of two persons.
  • * Unlicensed divers must be guided by an instructor.
  • * All guides and persons entering (except for trainees guided by an instructor) must have a license. Unlicensed persons cannot enter into the pool.
  • * To ensure safe use, dangerous persons may be rejected or sent out (drinking, disturbance, reckless diving attempt, etc.).
+ Compliances in Diving Pool
  • * Food and beverages are prohibited in the diving pool.
  • * Make sure to keep the locker key to prevent loss, and leave any valuables at the information desk. We are not held responsible for loss and theft.
  • * Use of oil, pack and milk is prohibited in the shower room to prevent slipping and protect the environment.
  • * Wear a swimsuit and swimming cap. Take a shower before entering the diving pool.
  • * Do not wear a gown and shoes in the diving pool.
  • * After using the body temperature regulation room, take a shower before going into the swimming pool.
  • * Do not use instruments for professional athletes (pull-up bars, mats, etc.) in the diving pool.
  • * Do not spit or blow your nose inside the diving pool.
  • * Do not cause inconvenience or displeasure of other visitors.